What’s your pork persona?

Pork is kind of the rock star of proteins, don’t you think?

And, as with most rock stars, pork has groupies.

The Minimalists, The Exhibitionists, and The Planners.

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simply good pork.

it’s in our nature.

Looking for all-natural* pork that’s free of antibiotics, growth stimulants, and preservatives? Look no further.

Good Nature® pork starts with pigs raised on Midwest family farms by people who care about their neighbors, their communities, and, of course, their pigs. Our pigs are never given antibiotics or growth stimulants and are fed a vegetarian diet (which means no animal by-products), for a difference you can taste. We promise the highest-quality standards for our pigs, our farms, and our products, to give you the peace of mind that Good Nature® pork is simply better.

Come on in and see for yourself.


with Good Nature®, what you see is what you get